Thursday, August 05, 2004


Danny Williams has been banned for 18 weeks following his king hit on O'neill. (Full Story here)

I find that absolutely disgusting. Banning someone for 18 weeks for a clumsy punch that was in response to a careless high tackle is just bullshit. And O'Neill, while found guilty of the infringement, doesn't miss one minute.

18 weeks for a clumsy punch in response to an illegal tackle is just pure bullshit. Not only does it end his career if he can't get the sentence reduced, but O'Neill gets off 100% scot free for the tackle! It's not like the spear tackles and careless high tackles that can cripple, maim and end players' careers, and in extreme cases, lives. This wasn't something that could have done, realistically, a whole lot of physical damage to a man who is used to taking a lot more physical punishment, as Rugby is a harsh, physical game.

Concentrate on trying to stamp out the more dangerous aspects of the game, I say. O'neill could have inflicted far more damage on Williams with that tackle than Williams could have done with a dozen punches, not just one.


Darp said...


A few issues:

First is that the afforementioned king-hit was a cheap shot. You don't throw a haymaker at someone who isn't even looking - I think the yanks call that a "sucker punch".

O'Neil, who isn't by nature a dirty player was looking towards the Melbourne backline spreading the ball wide and shifting over in defence, he couldn't see Williams approaching, couldn't see him wind up ...and probably couldn't see much for a few hours afterwards.

I personally think incidents like this are a crack up to watch ..but IS dirty.

More Oz Ramblings said...

Sorry, I've got to agree with Darp too. High tackles occasionally just happen in the run of play, but intentionally smashing someone when they can't defend themselves isn't on.

I think that's the big issue, O'Neill had no idea it was coming and couldn't defend himself.

And the expression on Slater's face whn he delivers the hit says a lot too - it's pure anger and aggression. Not really on.

And if they're just making an example of him, it should be fairly effective...

More Oz Ramblings said...

And if you want to see something funny in football - I think I've almost worn through my tape of Warrick Capper going up for a mark and going face first into the goalpost. No-one to blame but himself.

Scottie said...

Yeah, I know I'm bit late to comment on this whole thing, but I'm with everyone else. Maybe 18 weeks is a little harsh, but sometimes people have to be made examples of, to show what won't be tolerated. And some boofhead who takes cowardly swings at other unprepared players seems like a perfect example-setter to me.