Friday, July 30, 2004

You may (or may not) notice that there is some new linkage in the (horrid mess of a) toolbar to the left.

I'll give them a brief introduction:

DAWEI - Some of the best narky commentary I've read in quite a while.

SPIN STARTS HERE - Catering for all those who need a good laugh at everyone else's expense.

MR. ALPHABET - Doing a PHD and still finding time to blog it up. A great read.

85 GEORGE STREET - Been reading it for a while, but because I'm a lazy shite, I've only just got around to giving it Kudos and a link.

IS IT WRONG TO WISH ON SPACE HARDWARE? - Delightful reading, and he gives Tim Blair a good kick up the arse, so instant points from me.

These are just some of the thousands upon thousands of blogs out there that make me look like the idiot hack that I am, so check them out..





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